These reports and articles might be of interest to you

Our written submission to the EIP on the Draft London Plan  Matter 51

Report by UCL students on Social Impact Assessment to assist with the Examination in Public of the Draft London Plan UCL FINAL REPORT RooO

Expression of Interest for the St James St site meanwhile use EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

Rooms of our Own’s Consultation Response to the Social Infrastructure Chapter of the Draft London Plan. You can download the Mayor’s Draft Plan  Mayor’s Draft Plan   and read and support our response here   OUR RESPONSE TO LONDON PLAN 

Report on Conference on Women’s Spaces held May 2014 at QMUL Womens Spaces Conference Report 2014

Report by Shared Enterprise on the need for a Women’s Centre in Waltham Forest The Case for a Women’s Centre in Waltham Forest

Report on our Taste of Rooms of our Own event held February 2015 at Harmony Hall TASTE OF ROOMS OF OUR OWN Report on the Day

Report by Anne Thorne Architects February 2015 ATAP report Feb.2015

Social Value predicted to be delivered by the project by Oliver Kempton of Envoy Partnership Rooms of Our Own Social Value Analysis Final

Rooms of our Own’s response to the St James Supplementary Planning Document Rooms of our Own response to St J SPD



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