Women and Design

This powerpoint presentation is by Women’s Design Service (now sadly dormant) from back in 2007. Although the images, statistics and legislation may not be up to date the issues still are.  get presentation



We had an excellent discussion at our Strategy Day on October 6th. One of the actions we decided to take was to offer Official status to all our supporters on our mailing list and elsewhere. So if you support our OBJECTS please join us! This will be a huge help to us when talking to potential funders and landowners. Thank you!

Strategy Day

We have been working so hard and pursuing so many leads over the last few years. Although some are still active, none has yet resulted in anything definite.

So on Saturday 6th October we decided to have a Re-Think Day.

We had a roomful of wise, experienced, knowledgeable, imaginative and supportive people analysing our situation. We also had a lot of apologies from similarly qualified people who were unable to attend in person, but have contributed their thoughts.

strategy day


These were the key issues raised:-

    It may be obvious to us, but not everyone understands what we are aiming to do and why.  We need more evidence and a better pitch. We should examine the social impact of women’s spaces we have lost; UCL students will be helping us with this. What are the impacts of women’s campaigns and organisations NOT having affordable, accessible, suitable space?
    We need a new website, better story-telling, photos, video, more use of social media. We need better ways of explaining what we are proposing; 3D walk-through models
  3. BRIEF
    Must it be new build? How big does it need to be? What types of spaces must be included?
    Various new possibilities suggested. Should we continue to expect support from public bodies in these times of austerity or should we try to raise £5mn in community shares and buy our own site?
    Must we pilot in London? Perhaps we could pilot in 3 places? Land outside London more available. How central does it need to be? Can you make a back-street safe?
    Should we try to deliver RooO in a temporary space? Or would this divert our energies from the main objective? Would demonstrate possibilities and provide a track record.
    Various sources suggested. Recommended we at least get some small grants to help with the work. Suggestion of a Women’s Lottery!
    Draft London Plan is focused on housing, housing and more housing. We need to pressure for community space and other infrastructure as well
    Room did not like use of Patrons! Lots of contacts suggested
    We identified many possibilities, old and new
    We should turn our mailing list into members. We should also ask for organisational membership.

You can plainly see that there is SO much work to be done on all these issues. We are looking for people to help. We welcome applicants to join the Board. We welcome volunteers, especially if you can address particular issues described above. Contact us!  roomso4own@gmail.com


Rooms of our Own Privacy Policy

This document was created using a template from SEQ Legal (https://seqlegal.com)

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  1. Amendments
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St James St Car Park

You will all know that we were in the process of buying the Car Park site when Cllr Coghill reneged on the deal.

So when we saw that LBWF were asking for expressions of interest for a “temporary use” we submitted our proposal. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

This was an extremely innovative proposal providing cheap no-bills housing for young people in return for their input into activities on the site. There would have been a whole range of affordable pop-up options, growing spaces and genuine community involvement.

So we are sad to see that Waltham Forest Council have gone with CRATE instead. This is about business, business rates etc not community. Sure that there are many businesses that will welcome CRATE and we wish them all the best.

ASH Architects for Social Housing

Rooms of our Own attended an ASH event at the ICA on 15th August where Co-Ops for London launched their report. Co-operate not Speculate

Exciting to hear about a number of successful co-operatives, but also sad to hear how many groups are really struggling in the current climate to find land, funding, people with enough time and energy to get projects off the ground.

However encouraging to hear that some of the more established co-ops such as Sanford are looking to help new groups move forward.

ASH meeting 170815

RUSS Workshop

Lewisham’s Rural Urban Synthesis Society, more easily referred to as RUSS, is doing really well. Rooms of our Own attended a RUSS workshop on Community Led Housing on July 15th led by Kareem. Lots of great speakers and so encouraging to see this whole movement beginning to take off. We also met John Struthers from Walthamstow’s own Headway Self-Build Collective.  read more here

Kareem puts us all to work

russ workshop