Email LBWF Planners before end of July – help #makeithappen !

London Borough of Waltham Forest engaged Cambridge architects, 5th Studio, to produce a report for them about the St James St area.  Their plan is now out for public consultation, but only until 29th July – so we need to be quick! You can find the report here LBWF Local Development Framework  Click on Supplementary Planning Documents and you will find the report on St James St.

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Please will everyone who supports the Rooms of our Own project respond to this draft Planning Document saying that you would like to see our project built on Opportunity Site 17. You can mention all the various benefits that the project would bring to St James St helping with the regeneration of the area.

  1. 47 new housing units
  2. a floor of housing for older single women with shared communal facilities
  3. a hot-desking area with creche to enable women with children to pursue their businesses and / or learning
  4. meeting rooms of various sizes
  5. a gallery for women artists –  women are grossly under-represented in all the major existing galleries
  6. a performance space for all the community
  7. a shared resource area for women’s groups and organisations – we have over 40 expressions of interest from a wide range of women’s groups and businesses from all sections of the community – so it will be a great multi-cultural space
  8. office space for women’s charities
  9. a women-only zone for relevant charities dealing with issues such as domestic violence, rape, FGM
  10. opportunity to rent the entire building for women’s conferences
  11. a public cafe for everyone which will be open through the evening, helping with the night-time economy and providing an alternative to pubs for those who dont drink

The Council’s preferred method for receiving consultation responses is through their online consultation portal at:    Alternatively, you can submit your comments by email to:  or by post to: Planning Policy, Room GO8, Sycamore House, Waltham Forest Town Hall Complex, London E17 4JF.

As most of you know, Rooms of our Own was originally offered the opportunity to buy this site in October 2013. Last summer the Council changed their minds, saying they were going to put the site on the market. A year on and this hasnt yet happened. We assume that now the 5th Studio report has been produced that they will soon be putting together tender documents. If we can get a real build-up of positive support for a Women’s Centre on that site that would be really helpful for our bid.

You dont have to live in the borough to comment –  we anticipate that Rooms of our Own will have a reach far beyond Waltham Forest.


Thank you all … and please pass this on!



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