Conference on Women’s Spaces

We are absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with London Women and Planning Forum and Women’s Studies without Walls to put on this conference to be held at Queen Mary University of London on May 16th.

Regular readers and tweeters will be aware that there has been some heat generated around the whole idea of a women’s centre, complaints about being left out of International Women’s Day …”When is International Men’s Day??” they chorus,misunderstandings about the need for disadvantaged groups to meet separately, and so on…

We therefore thought it would be really useful to get women with knowledge and experience to explain and debate “WHY WOMEN ONLY”?? The conference is NOT a women-only event so men wishing to inform themselves are very welcome.

Conference Invite

Conference Invite

We plan to have the conference recorded so that we will have material to which we can refer people in future when they question the need.

We are so pleased that Jane Garvey has agreed to chair the discussion at the end of the day and that we also have a range of other exciting speakers confirmed including Dr Ruth Lewis, Dr Julia Long, Pragna Patel, Franki Hackett, Gail Chester, Marian Larragy, Ego Ahaiwe, Anne Neale, Emma Scott, Viv Hayes, Nadia Baksh, Nabila Pathan, Louise Pennington,Lucy Ann Holmes and, of course, yours truly explaining about Rooms of our Own. Professor Alison Blunt has the unenviable task of trying to keep all the many extremely interesting speakers as well as an opinionated audience in order for the day as Conference Chair.


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