International Women’s Day

Rooms of our Own didnt attend Million Women Rise this year, and we didnt go to WOW at the South Bank either.

Now that we have the offer of a site for our Centre in Waltham Forest we decided to “go local” and focused our efforts on working with Waltham Forest Women’s Network to help deliver a fantastic IWD event at Walthamstow Assembly Hall. The organising involved weeks of input from Stow Roses, Significant Seams, Waltham Forest Rising and many other volunteers with the amazing Karen Flint holding it all together. However the results were well worth it.

Our patron, Stella Creasy, had organised a re-enactment of a suffragette march that took place in Walthamstow over 100 years ago. Here are some of the younger members arriving at the Assembly Hall!

Little suffragettes

Little suffragettes

and here are some of the Women’s Worth organisers and participants with Stella

Waltham Forest Sisters

Waltham Forest Sisters

The suffragette march entered the Assembly Hall to the strains of March of the Women ably led by Natural Voices choir.

March of the Women

March of the Women

There were all kinds of stalls and workshops taking place during the afternoon. Rooms of our Own attracted a lot of interest and signed up nearly 100 new people to our mailing list.

Rooms of our Own Stand

Rooms of our Own Stand

All in all a fantastic day.


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