We are looking for an artist

Rooms of our Own is planning to build a Women’s Centre in Walthamstow, North East London. We have the provisional offer of a site, and are making links with partners who will help to deliver the project.

The ground floor will have a hot-desking hub, creche, café and meeting spaces. There will be rooms to hire for women’s charities and women’s businesses. There will be space for women’s organisations and individual women to network and support each other.The upper floors will be housing, either to let or to buy.

Our architects are Anne Thorne Architects’ Partnership, and we are planning for the building to be constructed to very high environmental standards (passiv-haus) and for the centre to be of high architectural quality.

We are looking for a woman artist to create a piece that will be exhibited in the reception area. Our idea is that this should be a mosaic with some thousands of tiles. We would then offer individual women and organisations the opportunity to have their name /initials on a tile in return for a financial contribution. It is, however, possible that an artist could come up with a different medium that could deliver the same result.

We are looking for an image that will work well with all the individual names but will also be a thing of beauty in its own right. We would want to reference feminist themes, but do not have any definite images in mind.

There will be two stages to the project. The first stage will be to approve a design, which would then be transferred to our website. As supporters give their donation, their names will appear on the tiles on the website. The image produced must therefore be suitable for this purpose. Artists should be aware that we have no funding to pay for this at present, and that their fees for the design will be reimbursed via these donations in due course. However from the outset there will be lots of publicity, press coverage, mentions in social media and of course we would link through to your website. There might also be opportunities for the work to be showcased in existing galleries.

It is likely to be 2 years or more before the building is completed. At that time, we would commission the artist to create the actual work and have it installed in the reception area. We would expect to have the necessary funding at that stage to pay for the costs of the piece. We anticipate that the mosaic / piece would be some 2 metres square, but this is open to discussion depending on the nature of the design.It is possible that some studio space might be available in the completed building and also possible that there could be some kind of artistic residency created.

Please send your ideas, initial sketches, description of materials and estimate of costs to Rooms of our Own, 132, Howard Road, London E17 4SQ. Please include a stamped, addressed envelope if you would like the sketches returned. Please email roomso4own@gmail.com if you require any further information, or look at https://roomso4own.wordpress.com. Submissions should be received by end of February. Please forward this to potentially interested colleagues. Thank you.

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