The wonderful Mill

One of the best things to happen to Walthamstow in recent years is the establishment of the Mill…

I was one of the many people who stood outside the old St James St library in the rain demanding that the Council keep the library open. The campaign failed, and I drifted away. However luckily some hardier souls went on to negotiate with the Council to use the building whilst they decided what to do with it, and the result is the Mill.

The Mill has a wonderful, open, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and all kinds of people are encouraged to put on activities from crafts to yoga to spanish to poetry.

Now that Rooms of our Own has decided to focus in on Waltham Forest as a possible venue, I decided to go and chat with Ingrid, the current chair, about possible collaborations. Ingrid told me that The Mill have now managed to get a 20 year lease, and have gone the charity route rather than becoming a CIC. They dont have any current plans to buy the building, partly because it might be more of a liability transfer than an asset transfer, and wouldnt be interested at this stage in looking for a building anywhere else.

However Ingrid is interested in the idea of supporting women entrepreneurs and having Rooms based near the Mill could certainly generate some great synergy.

Wendy and Tony

      at Nicky Torode’s  Raise Your Game launch at The Mill on 4th April

with Tony Fincham and young entrepreneur Matt Reynolds  @alleycattours who is planning themed Hitchcock walks.


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