Should we locate in Walthamstow???

I think the opinion of the original group was that we should ideally be based in Oxford Street!  However one feels that land values in that area might be a little bit above even our ambitious dreaming levels. Since Assembly Member Jennette Arnold joined our advisory group, we have tended to focus on Hackney, Haringey and Waltham Forest which are the boroughs which she represents. We had still however been considering Southwark, as that is where the Feminist Library is based.  And the least said about the sad fate of the Women’s Library the better for now…..

Waltham Forest does seem “a long way out” to a lot of people, even tho the Victoria line is one of the best tube lines, and there are also overground trains, and central line to Leyton and Leytonstone.

There was also the attitude of the local authority to consider. When I was running AVCO (Accommodation for Voluntary and Community Groups) one of the Council officers stated that he would NEVER allow a voluntary group to take over an asset from LBWF.

Since then however we have seen the development of the wondrous Mill  and the development of activity around Wood St, particularly the amazing Soul Project and Significant Seams The success of last year’s E17 Art Trail attested to the amazing level of creativity in the borough. So given that I live here, maybe this is the place to start??

Today I met with our very own feminist MP, Stella Creasy, and she was encouraging “I want everything to be based in Walthamstow”!! says Stella. So we might be narrowing our focus a bit and seeing what we can do in the ‘Stow.


with stella creasy MP 3rd april 2013w


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