Meeting with Elizabeth – different approach to providing Rooms

Met with Elizabeth Carola yesterday to discuss a different idea about providing Rooms.

Elizabeth’s idea is that we rent / buy a large house.

We discussed possible problems with this, in that there is legislation in place to prevent people operating “businesses” from residential properties. There could be lots of objections from neighbours to lots of women going in and out of a house, and there might be issues with rates, charging for rooms etc etc. However we thought that it was worth investigating, especially perhaps where there might be a pub / shop with accommodation above…

We both agreed that relying on grants in future is not going to be sustainable unless there is a huge shift in the political and ideological climate. So we need to find reliable sources of finance, which could perhaps be generated by letting out the top floor of a very large pub / house.

We both agreed that the “house” needs to be near a tube. So we are going to do some research. Any thoughts welcome.

elizabeth's book loving plant


This is Elizabeth’s book loving plant!!

elizabeth card


and this is her lovely business card….


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