Womens Library

angela and wendy 6

Rooms of our own have been VERY preoccupied with trying to save the wonderful Women’s Library building – a room of ones own if ever there was one!  This is an award winning building, designed by a woman architect, Clare Wright, which was commissioned to house all kinds of literature and memorabilia of women’s historic struggles.

How ironic then, that our current struggle to keep the building is being largely ignored!  Heritage Lottery Fund, who gave £4.2mn of public money for the building a decade ago, “arent bovvered” it seems. The Friends of the Women’s Library are only friendly towards the collections and not towards the building. LSE have so far refused to meet with the Save TWL campaign.

However we have been fighting hard and getting support from a whole range of politicians, arts organisations and Tower Hamlets groups. Last Thursday, 29th November, there was a Tribute event at the library (see http://savethewomenslibrary.blogspot.co.uk) where we had a giant letter to LSE for people to sign. Photo above shows Wendy Davis with President of the RIBA Angela Brady who is a fantastic supporter of the SaveTWL campaign. We will be presenting the letter to LSE on 13th December.

We are still doing some work on the promised website with its searchable database for premises – we hope this will be up and running in the New Year. We are also investigating some other interesting options about possible buildings.


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