The Mill

Really interesting and inspiring chat with Alison and Mo at the Mill (Coppermill Lane E17) today. It used to be a library, and I remember standing in the rain protesting about the planned closure. But now, I am really pleased it closed! The Mill (there used to be an old copper mill – hence coppermill lane) is buzzing!  There are all kinds of activities going on there from yoga to courses on using social media.

The Mill’s model is based on “work with what you have” – so if anyone turns up with an idea for a class / activity or whatever they are welcomed with open arms and empowered to get the thing going. I was entranced by the entries in their “soft” exhibition which had all kinds of patchwork and other “soft” items on display; one that particularly took my fancy was a toaster made of material complete with removeable toast!

Alison and Mo explained the model they have for the centre; they are a charity and company limited by guarantee, but dont have members. They are currently working on a policy for how new trustees are appointed.

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