Welcome to Rooms of our Own



Hi everyone – a few of us have got together with a DREAM!!

We are fed up in all our various organisations with having to meet in out-of-the-way and/or expensive and/or inaccessible and /or noisy venues.

We are setting up a Community Interest Company with the aim of eventually acquiring or possibly even building premises somewhere in London. The idea is to have housing, women led businesses etc occupying most of the space, thus generating sufficient income to allow small voluntary groups to hotdesk, hold meetings in the rest of it.

We are just at the very beginning of our journey – but hope to pick up fellow travellers along the way!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Rooms of our Own

  1. Hi Wendy
    Does that mean you will be selling shares? Might be persuaded to buy a few or invest a hundred or two!
    Jan Williams

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